Elle Magazine - Laurence

Elle Magazine

Cover Model: Laurence by Tiziano Magni


Go for the Byrne - 3 pages with David Byrne from Talking Heads

2 pages with Meg Ryan

Insight - 1 page with Matt Dillon

Fashion feature with various photographers includes. 1 page with a topless Jeny Howorth. 1 page with Gail O'Neill. 3 pages with Vanessa Duve. 2 pages with Elaine Irwin. 2 pages with Angelika Kallio

8 pages with Leslie Navajas by Pamela Hanson

6 more pages with Angelika Kallio

6 more pages with Jeny Howorth by Eamonn J McCabe


Condition: Good. A large white sticker on the back cover, with the name of the original owner from delivery.