Elle Magazine - Estelle Lefebure


Elle Magazine

Cover Model: Estelle Lefebure

Photographer if known: Marc Hispard


Of vice and men - 4 pages with Cynthia Payne- includes 2 images by Terry O'Neill

Sex with soul - 2 pages with Robert Palmer

Easel rider - 4 pages with artist Bruce McLean

3 pages with David Puttnam


New found empires - 8 pages with 2 models includes Cecilia Chancellor

Spring into action - 6 pages with Veronica Webb

Floral notes - 4 pages with Monica Gripman

6 pages with Pam Piper

4 pages with male models Bruno, Nikki and James Roeber

6 pages of swimsuits with Angie Hill

Your palazzo or mine - 4 pages at home with Gianna Versace - images by Victor Watts - includes a large image of Gianni in a chair

Condition: Very Good.