Elle Magazine - Jaquie Page

Elle Magazine 

Cover Model: Jaquie Page by Stevie Hughes


5 pages with Rae Dawn Chong

Talent - A 4 page feature - with a large group image followed by discussion with:

Cameron McVey. Gavin Rossdale from Bush. Mark from Then Jehrico. Ben from Curiosity Killed The Cat. Nathan Moore from Brother Beyond. Desy from Floy Joy.  Image by David Bailey MagazineCanteen.com

Fearless Heroine - A quarter page article with a 19 year old Sinead O'Connor

8 pages of fashion with Pamela Faye

4 pages of swimsuits with Suzanne Lanza

6 pages by Martin Brading

6 pages with Cecilia Rae and Jeffrey Pitman

8 pages of fashion by Pamela Hanson - includes Kim Williams and Louise Vyent

3 pages with director Julien Temple

Condition: A few small issues to the main cover.

A surname in pencil on top left. Some white storage marks to the bottom corner.