Club Magazine - Marsha Hunt

Club Magazine 

Cover: n/a


4 pages with Marsha Hunt - with images by Mike Berkofsky

1 page with peter Marlowe

4 pages of fashion by John Carter

The man who made a million out of sex - 4 pages with Harold Robbins

6 pages with the Club model by Mike Berkofsky - The middle page nude model poster is loose and rusty at the staples.

Wanted - 6 pages of fashion by John Carter

The execution squad - A 5 page report on The SAS

2 pages of fashion by Stuart Brown

Sweet sixteen - a 6 page shoot with Karen Neilson 

This issue includes nudity.

Condition: Good. Cover wear as expected. A few creases to the corner of the cover. As mentioned, the middle page is loose and has rusty staples.