Arena Homme + Magazine 48 - Blondey - Alasdair McLellan

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Arena Homme Magazine.

Issue 48

Dated: 2018

One of 5 covers which were available.

This is the cover of Blondey by Alasdair McLellan

This issue is HUGE and weighs 3 kilo before packing.

Price. I have been an absolute Avid collector of Arena Homme. Some of these covers took a lot of travelling to find. In all honestly.... I am partial to them. However.... I am aware that they are sought after by collectors like myself too.....and should it sell-I shall live without it. If not....I am happy to remain it's owner!

Condition: Excellent.

A spin off from Arena magazine. Arena Homme was released in 1994. Whilst Arena Itself ceased publication in 2009, Arena Homme is still going strong today. The magazine is released twice a year.

Originally, the magazine came with a single cover shot. Around 10 years later this changed to sometimes 2 per issue. Currently the issue produces a variety of different covers. Note, that while later in the collection the cover images may change, the content within will be the same. I would draw attention to the issue numbers supplied.