Smash Hits Magazine 2002 - Nicky Westlife

Smash Hits Magazine 2002 - Nicky Westlife

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Smash Hits Magazine

Year of publication: 2002

Cover star. Nicky Westlife

Within this issue:

Hate - 1/2 a page interview with Murdoch from The Gorillaz

Busy this weekend? 2 pages with Blue

The cat in the hat - 1 page with Jamiroquai

Tiger boy - 4 pages with Nicky from Westlife ** These pages have a crease line fold down the middle.

Nutty for Natalie - 2 page interview with Natalie Imbruglia

We are family - 2 pages with 3SL 

Life less ordinary - 2 pages with Usher

1 page article with James Redmond

Condition:  The cover of the issue has some scuffing and wear to the spine. Nick article has fold crease down the middle of the page.