Poster Section

This category consists entirely of posters. 
The archive at MagazineCanteen is enormous. Often times a magazine may have been discarded due to damage. Or it may be that we simply can not locate which poster the magazine originally arrived with. 
The items listed below within this category are posters only. We are aware that some collectors can spend a long time trying to locate a certain poster image. You may well find it here! 
These posters have either been removed from a magazine - or they were a supplement bonus item for a magazine. There will be posters here from Smash Hits. Number One. Just Seventeen. Sky. Big. TV Hits and more. 
All posters are of a folded variety, as intended. Size wise, the poster will dictate the approximate size by way of how many x the size of a magazine it would be.
The weight of the poster will be minimal. Well packed, postage would not increase a great deal by adding more posters to one consignment.