Big Magazine - Take That
Big Magazine - Take That

Big Magazine - Take That

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Big Magazine

Year of publication: 1992

Cover star: Take That


2 pages with Take That

3 pages behind the scenes of Home and away with lots of images with Les Hill

Red hot and Dannii - 2 page with 2 large images of Dannii Minogue in red fashion ( including red/black striped coat and skirt )

Half a page interview with Tom Crusie talking about the film 'far and away'

8 page fold out Michael Jackson poster article special (these pages are loose from the staples - and the front page and two others have  a large fold down the middle - see image 2)

Middle page poster of Take That.

1 and a half pages with Tori Spelling. 

Condition: Good. With fold crease to Michael Jackson pages.